Private Clients.

Individuals are increasingly having personal accountants or financial advisers. Except you don’t make financial decisions on a personal scale, the need to subject your decisions to sound financial binoculars can not be over emphasized.

See where M – Books can help you make sound financial decisions:

  • When you want to invest in shares of companies, take advantage of opportunities and/or make a purchase decisions.

  • When you want to start a business or venture into a new business.

  • When you want to acquire private assets.

Private Clients


Businesses without accountant are known with any or more of the following: Tax issues, lack of accounting system, lack of financial reports, incorrect financial reports, and so on.

M – Books, with professionals as partners, is providing a bridging gap by making professional services available to enterprises at affordable cost.

With us;

  • Your business will have reliable accounting and internal control system.

  • Proper book keeping that will capture all financial transactions, summarize them and report them; will be implemented.

  • Your business transactions and reports will be online real time through our accounting software; so you can access your business progress anywhere, anytime.

Professional Firms.

As accounting firm, you need our partnership. We know the heartache of improper accounting records during audit. Representing a client that has  haphazard records with that tax authorities is the an experience public accounts don’t dream to have.

So why not partner with us to clean your client books and manage it so you won’t spill your tea during field work?

  • We implement proper internal control and accounting system for client.
  • We handle the book keeping and link you to have access to all their accounts and financial records.
  • We provide you with client management software you can use to onboard, market and manage your client as well as your staff.
  • You have access to a free M-Books accounting software for your practice.

Trusted by the world’s fastest growing companies:
Accounting resources

Exceptional Accounting Resources.

Savings Excel

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Tax Calculator

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Checkbook Balancer

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VAT Calculator

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Retirement Planner

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Great benefits from M-Books.

Try us. We are ready to do a one month demonstration to allow you have a test of our advantage.

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