Who We Are

M – Books offers a great career with exceptional benefits.

Whatever you are – partner or staff- you have a great and bright future ahead. As a staff we guide you through and mentor you all along with the ultimate aim of helping you attain the height of professionalism.  As a partner, the sky is your starting point as M -Books give you the opportunity to expand your reach and emphasize your know how.

Working at a firm like M – Books offers me great  prospects in so many different areas.

I have the tutelage of professionals in the field of accountancy and my experience is a motivation for more work every day. Complex tax issues are resolved before my eyes and businessmen seem to see another reason to ensure business ethics.

Dana Johnson

Reconciliation Officer – Port Harcourt

Dana Johnson Accountant

We are open to all- small or big; crude or advanced; with high, low or no tax compliance records. This means we value you whether as individual or business. Come, we will listen to you; and help you.


We access your  business in terms of your record keeping, accounting and tax compliance.  We don’t cut corners and we  know you don’t, either. Come lets  establish and sustain high business ethics and standards.


Skills, experience and software. These are what we combine to take you to the next level.


We are available and affordable. We use a matching system to link the optimum client to each professional and at the lowest rate.

Our Values.

Accessibility , Integrity, Professionalism, Affordability.


Current openings.

Accountant, Restaurant/catering establishment.

Rivers State – Port Harcourt

Manager,  M – Books location office

Delta – Asaba

Manager, M-Books location office.

Kano State – Kano

Manager, M- Books location office.

Imo State – Owerri