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System to business is the skeleton to the body. No business succeeds without it. We   set up the accounting & internal control systems that  secure the survival and growth of  businesses and shield owners from the heartache of haphazard business.

Book keeping is the systematic recording of business transactions that will permit the preparation of financial reports that can give insight to any business. No matter your location, M-Books can keep the books of your businesses.

Systems, software and book keeping are not enough in themselves. Combining them by analysing the information and advising the businessman is the best. We provide tax ready financials  that will keep your businesses on course.

Need a personalized solution?

With partners spread across the length and breadth of Nigeria, coupled with our unlimited software, we are more than able to give you personalized solution, no matter how complex your business or how long you have been in business without proper book keeping.

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Empowering you to make sound financial decisions.

Whatever solution or service you embrace, we will equip you with the right information and advice to make sound financial decision.

System assessment reports and software implementation strategies.
Financial reports covering Income statement, Financial position and Cash flow
Tax compliance policies, practices and audit; including monthly and annual returns.

No matter who you are, we’ve got what you need.

Private Clients

Private clients

Who said individuals don’t need financial consultants? You need a private accountant as much as you need private doctor; after all financial illness is become harder to treat than medical complications!



We would love to start with you from the time you start thinking business, but we can still join you if you have been in business even if things have turn messy or  out of control. Whatever group, we are available for you.

Professional Firms

Professional Firms

Would you not rather have client with  reliable books?  With our tested process, human and other resources, we are the best team to partner with. Just let us handle your client book keeping and tax compliance services.


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